Words from the CEO

"As a transmission company, we play a fundamental role in society, transmitting energy from Arica to Chiloé and making it possible to connect new forms of energy. Our country is facing major energy challenges, including moving towards clean energies and ensuring that we have the transmission infrastructure necessary to do so efficiently while limiting losses".

Arturo Le Blanc

Letter from the Chairman

"On behalf of the Board of Transelec S.A., I am especially pleased to present the Company’s first integrated report. This publication, which covers 2022, addresses our vision for the organization from an economic, sustainability, environmental, and best governance practices perspective for the first time".

Scott Lawrence

Transelec S.A.

We are Chile’s leading energy transmission company, and we contribute to improving the quality of life and development of our country, providing electricity to 98% of the population from Arica to Chiloé.

Our Management

This year we developed and launched the Company’s new corporate strategy. This participatory process drew on information from each area of the organization to identify cross-cutting lines and goals based on various discussions and opportunities for collaboration. As a result, we identified the challenge of incorporating and strengthening Sustainability within the Company, giving our Customers a more central role and projecting our Growth.

The Strategy is the result of an in-depth and detailed review of our performance over the past few years and our vision for the future. In 2023, we will continue to identify challenges and management tools for each area, which will allow us to achieve traceability of our short-, medium- and long-term results.

Transelec in figures

(*) Through December of each year.
(**) Corresponds only to interim dividends paid in 2022, since as of December 31 the final dividends to be charged to 2022 were not yet known. These will be determined at the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting to be held in the course of 2023.

Governance management

(**)From January 1, 2023
(***)For some years, Transelec is considered a strategic company so there can be no strikes.

Salary gap by role(*)

(*) In the graphs, it is indicated that values over 100% reflect that the salary is higher for women. If the percentage is less than 100%, it indicates that the salary is lower for women. A 100% indicates equal salaries. The farther the value is from 100%, the greater the wage gap.
  • 0 Fatalities
  • 100% of our direct employees are covered by the labor health and safety system
  • 100% of our indirect employees are covered by the labor health and safety system
  • No job-related Illnesses were reported for our employees during this period

Renewable energies connected for the first time by Transelec to the
National Electricity System (MW) and % in relation to the entire system

Environmental management

Corporate management

(*) Scope 1, 2 y 3 excluding losses