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Power Transmission Experience

Transelec makes all of its knowledge and experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of power transmission facilities to its customers in order to guarantee service meeting the highest international standards, support the development of new initiatives from the very start and throughout operation, in order to act as an integral partner for transmission business development.

Transelec bases its efforts on operational excellence, innovation, human capital and knowledge.


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Commercial Contact


Connection Processes (Open Access)

Transelec has clear pre-determined stages for successfully managing Open Access Processes related to companies wanting to connect their projects to facilities comprising the National Power Grid (SEN) by means of existing power transmission lines or substations, as well as the connection of projects related to mandatory Upgrade Plans.

The Open Access connection process is regulated by the provisions of the General Electricity Services Law dated July 2016, specifically Articles 79 and 80. The terms and conditions for applying these articles are indicated in Exempt Resolution N°154 and its amendments issued by the National Energy Commission. According to these regulations, all coordination required for open access requests must be executed via the National Electricity Coordinator.

Exempt Resolution N°154 indicates two types of Open Access Requests (OAR):

− At Public Service Facilities: these correspond to OAR at national and zonal facilities and international interconnection facilities for public service and for development poles. These types of requests are submitted by means of the Request for Connection Solution Approval (RCSA) process.

− For Dedicated System Facilities: these correspond to OAR at dedicated power transmission facilities, in which approval depends on available technical capacity at the facility. This type of request is made by means of a Technical Capacity Usage Request (TCUR).

In order to meet regulatory requirements and ensure appropriate coordination, Transelec has a set of agreements that facilitate coordination between companies (Interconnection AgreementOperating Agreement and Physical Space and Joint Facility Usage Contract).


Connections Team

The cross-cutting connections team permeates the organization and includes the Business Development, Connections and Operations vice-presidencies as exclusive areas, together with the Legal Affairs Vice-presidency and the Engineering and Project Development Vice-presidency.

Communication channels are listed as follows:

Commercial coordinator

Responsible for managing the requesting and signing of agreements, and for channeling communication between the requester and Transelec. He or she accompanies the developer until the delivery of as built blueprints.

Technical coordinator

Responsible for channeling technical information such as studies, calculation logs and interconnection projects.
Site coordinator, responsible for coordinating different activities during the connection project construction stage.

Site coordinator

Responsible for coordinating different activities during the connection project construction stage.

Commissioning manager

Responsible for coordinating different activities required for ramp up.


Commercial Information