Transelec is the leading power transmission company in Chile. It has an important market share, together with stable and predictable cash flows. Transelec has essential assets throughout Chile, starting up north in Arica and ranging as far as Chiloé in southern Chile, which enable the company to supply power to 97% of Chile's population, together with large mining and industrial users.


Transelec's commitment with sustainable growth and operational excellence for the power transmission system is evidenced by the daily work of its employees, the company's environmental strategy and the creation of relationships of trust with its neighboring communities.


Promotion of a pro-innovation culture is one of Transelec's strategy pillars. It is embedded into the center of the company's business strategy in order to guarantee top quality, efficient and sustainable power supply, and to make innovation a transformational engine that enables the creation of new value for the company and for the society it serves.

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recorren chile

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Did you know?


Transelec provide power to 98% of chile’s population between arica to chiloé


We have 519 employees


Of oue employees
have technical or professional training

More about the company, highlighted projects and initiatives.

Transelec corporate video

The company's infrastructure, operation and people. The most important power transmission company in Chile is showcased in the following images (2016).

Caserones video project

This video tells the story of 15 months of work at over 4,000 meters above sea level in order to build 180 kilometers of transmission lines and 640 metal structures to supply electrical energy to Minera Caserones, which is owned by Lumina Copper Chile (2011).

Goog environmental practices working manual

This manual has been developed to provide clear and simple description of Transelec's main environmental procedures and guidelines for project construction (2016).

Are you a Transelec


Are you a Transelec